1. Labour is guaranteed for 7 days dependant on the nature of work and only when using genuine original parts.
  2. Puncture repairs are advised as a non-permanent solution and therefore we always advise fitting a replacement tyre.
  3. Modifications or alterations that are non standard to the vehicle or the original manufacturing are carried out with the owner’s permission and at the owners request and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. Modifications or temporary repairs are carried out with the owners permission and request.
  5. Temporary repairs are not a permanent repair and should be corrected as soon as the vehicle owner is able.
  6. Zenith Motorcycles Ltd will not accept liability for failure of temporary repairs or modifications carried out
    in the workshop including damage to the vehicle whilst in use once works are completed providing our duty of care has been met.
  7. Vehicles must be collected within 48 hours of works being completed. Any vehicle not collected or left
  8. without prior permission will be subject to a storage charge of £15.00 per day plus VAT.
  9. Labour prices are non-negotiable and are set at £40.00 per hour plus VAT, vehicles shall not be released unless full payment of invoice is made.
  10. Zenith Motorcycles will not tolerate abuse or violence towards any of its staff members.
  11. Zenith Motorcycles is a member of the National Motorcycles Dealers Association and in accordance offers alternative dispute resolution.


  1. Warranty of 3 vehicle month on Engine and Gear box. Zenith Motorcycles may repair other faults such as changing bulbs, making adjustments to cables and chains in warranty at their discretion.
  2. Refunds will only be provided in the event that the vehicle is irreparable under warranty and will be subject to vehicle condition and mileage incurred since sale. Zenith Motorcycles are not responsible for wear and tear on the vehicle.
  3. Refund will be dependant on return of V5, vehicle and any subsequent paperwork.
  4. Recovery of a vehicle under warranty is only provided in the event that the vehicle is
  5. not starting or is mechanically unsafe to ride. Recovery is within a 5 mile radius of N15 4RG and it is only to Zenith Motorcycles address
  6. Return of vehicle to customer after completion of works falls to customer.
  7. Zenith Motorcycles does not HPI vehicles unless requested by customer. Motorcycles get dropped and damaged therefore it is entirely possible that at some point a motorcycle has been “Written Off” with minor damage. Please research prior to purchase.
  8. Zenith Motorcycles does not offer a “Cooling Off” period. Should a customer change their mind a refund may be offered under Zenith Motorcycles discretion, in which case depreciation, additional owner on V5, credit/debit card charges, mileage and any other costs incurred by Zenith Motorcycles will be deducted from the refund. This does not affect customers’ statutory rights.